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Privacy policy

As operator of the web page www.drillisch.de we are the data controller within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act ("BDSG") for the user's (below: "You") personal data in connection with the visit of the webpage.

We protect your privacy and your personal data. We only collect, process and utilize your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy and comply with applicable German data protection and privacy laws, in order to ensure a high level of data protection and the protection against illegal webpage content.

We use "webpage" as a general term for better readability. It is also applicable to our mobile webpage and our app as the utilization of personal data is identical on all our platforms.

The following provisions describe the type, scope and purpose of collecting, processing and utilizing personal data. We kindly ask you to read the following provisions carefully.

Personal data and their utilization

1. Collection of personal data

1.1 Personal data according to this privacy policy refers to individual information about personal or factual circumstances of specific or identifiable persons. This especially includes name, e-mail address and if applicable house address and phone number.

1.2 Personal data also includes information about the use of our webpage. In this context we collect personal data as follows: information about your visits to the webpage as for example the amount of data transfer, the place of the data retrieval as well as the connection data and sources that you retrieve. This usually occurs through logfiles and cookies.

2. Intended purpose

We utilize your personal data for the following purposes:

2.1 to deliver the products and services we offer, e.g. the order of the Annual Report or the participation in an application process;

2.2 to ensure that our webpage is presented to you in an effective an interesting way e.g. by saving the display preferences or by market research and opinion surveys;

2.3 to provide you with all the press releases you'd like to access, e.g. our newsletter

2.4 to inform you about changes in our performance.

Fault and Intrusion detection, usage profiles and contradiction

3. Fault and Intrusion detection

As soon as our webpage is accessed we collect personal data as follows: the IP address of your computer and the browser request as well as the time. In addition we collect the status and the transferred data amount. Furthermore we collect product and version number of your browser and operating system and the referrer.

The computer's IP address is only stored in the access-logs for a limited duration of seven days and afterwards deleted.
We utilize this data for the operation of the webpage in particular to detect and eliminate errors on the website, to protocol the capacity utilization and to take up adaptations and improvements.

4. Usage profiles and contradiction

4.1 Within the legal requirements we and our partner establish usage profiles under a pseudonym. This enables the evaluation for advertising purposes, market research and a demand-oriented design of the website. The established usage profile is not connected with personal data. The usage profile is established among others by cookies, java script, plugins and web beacons.

Cookies are small text files stored in your computer's main memory that collect certain settings and data to exchange them via your browser and our system. A cookie normally contains the domain address that has sent the cookie data as well as information about the age of the cookie and an alphanumeric identifier. We can identify your computer if you return to our webpage or visit a partner´s webpage by using the cookie-ID. You can access the content of these files through your browser. It is possible to examine which data the webpage stores for each cookie.
Web beacons are small strings of code within a graphic image embedded on a web page for the purpose of transferring information, such as your browser request and preferences.

4.2 You may refuse the creation of usage profiles by activating the according setting in your browser, allowing you to refuse cookies and web beacons or by making use of your right of objection.

4.2.1 You can prevent storage of cookies by choosing the "disable cookies" option in your browser preferences. Please note that this can limit the functionality of our webpage. The Max-Age of our long term cookies is 45 days.
You can choose to only accept our own cookies and not the ones of our partners in your browser preferences.

4.2.2 Our partners offer a right of objection that can be accessed via links or - in case of interest-based advertising - directly across the advertising media. As a result an opt-out cookie will be send to your computer which that has to be permanently stored in your browser. You have to install it again, if you delete it or if it is automatically deleted by your browser preferences.
Partner: Google Inc., USA
service/ purpose: Analytics - web analysis service
technique used: First-party cookies (validity limited to two years)
Because of the IP anonymization of this webpage, google shortens the IP address within EU Member States or a Contracting State to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) before transmission to the US
Link to the right of objection via opt-out cookie (desktop or mobile): click

Disclosure to third parties, right to amend and contact

6. Non-disclosure of personal data

We do not disclose your personal data to third parties, unless you have consented to sharing personal data or it is required or permitted by law, by administrative or by judicial order, in particular as regards the purpose of forwarding the personal data referred to prosecution proceedings, hazard prevention or the enforcement of intellectual property rights.

We receive support in data processing in accordance with your consent and in the corresponding extend, e.g. for the delivery through a logistics service provider.

7. Right to amend the data protection statement

We reserve the right to alter this data protection statement at any time with or without notice. The current version is available on the webpage. You should therefore check back to the data protection statement regularly when visiting our website.

8. Your rights and contact

You have a free-of-charge right of consultation with regard to the data we stored and possibly entitlement to correction, blocking or deletion. Inquiries for this purpose and for further information can be directed in written form to the following address:
Drillisch AG
Wilhelm-Röntgen Straße 1-5
63477 Maintal

Stand 12/2015




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