Drillisch AG - Das Unternehmen
Drillisch AG - Das Unternehmen

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Drillisch AG is a listed stock corporation which offers telecommunication services. The Group has a total workforce of about 918 associates. In the nine months of 2016, we realised service revenues of €404.4 million (9M 2015: €313.4m). The performance indicator service revenues is a key figure that substantially reflects the earnings from providing ongoing wireless services (voice and data transmission) and billing of the same based on existing customer relations.

Our customers, in particular our MVNO customers, are the drivers of our operating success; during the reporting period, their total numbers grew by 689,000 (28.1%) from 2.449 million subscribers to 3.138 million subscribers.

Beginning with standardised and unbundled advance services from the wireless network providers Telefónica O2 Germany GmbH & Co. OHG ("O2") and Vodafone D2 GmbH ("Vodafone"), we develop flexible services on the basis of our own product ideas, giving us the opportunity to respond to changes in the market as well as to contribute actively to the definition of the wireless services market with our innovative rate plans.


The Management Board expects a further increase in the MVNO customer base for 2016 and 2017 that will lead to the parallel continuation of the positive corporate development. We confirm the EBITDA forecast for fiscal year 2016 of between €115 million and €120 million (2015: €105.6 million).

We expect a further increase in the EBITDA by about 40% to between €160 million and €170 million for fiscal year 2017.

The general meeting (19 May 2016) confirmed the dividend proposal (€1.75) of the management board for business year 2015. In keeping with our corporate policy and its aim of sustained business, we would like to share the Company’s success with its shareholders in a similar scope (as a minimum) in the coming fiscal years.




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9-Month Report 2016

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Report of the first half-year 2016

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Report of the first quarter of 2016

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Annual Report 2015

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9-Month Report 2015

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